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Dentures Don’t Have To Be A Pain

While dentures certainly bring many life-changing benefits, almost all denture-wearers find that problems do occur. Typically, they become loose and can cause painful sore spots. Maintaining them requires frequent visits to the dentist for adjustments and may require repeated relines and adhesives. But there’s no reason to suffer from these denture troubles any longer.

Atlas Denture Comfort™ technology is FDA Market-Approved and will keep your dentures firmly in place, while providing gentle cushioning for your gums. Not only will they be far more comfortable—you can even wear them while sleeping—the procedure also dramatically slows degeneration of your ridge, the primary cause of loose dentures. In fact, a recent university study showed a success rate of 96% with patients who received dental implants (Click here to read the study). With Atlas Denture Comfort™ there’s finally a reason to smile.

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